Its a sad time for fans of both puns and pectorals, folks.

Sergeant Terry Jeffords, as played by former defensive end/current jacked actor Terry Crews.

Please join me in a moment of silent, mournful chest dancing.

Terry Jeffords wasn't just a treasure because he was massive. Terry Jeffords was relatable. Anyone who has ever tried to cultivate mass while holding down an office job could see themselves in Terry every time they stuffed three full chickens and a six-pack of yogurt deep into the back of the office refrigerator.

Terry needed nutrients, and we'll miss that.

Terry Jeffords was an inspiration to working dudes everywhere, the ones who barely fit into a dress shirt but show up anyway. The next time you feel the afternoon crash coming on and the excuses starting to pile up, you remember Tired Terry.

Tired Terry gets after it, is all we're saying.

Terry knew the struggles of being a very, very large man in a lesser-than-average-sized world.

He knew the hardships of working with people who weighed nothing at all.

And he knew the anguish of being surrounded by colleagues who don't know the proper name for your hard-earned, well-toned chest muscles.

And yet, despite it all, Terry Jeffords - like every other character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine - was just a really good person trying his darnedest. The type of guy you could count on to catch you in your time of need.

Literally. You could literally count on him to catch you, even if he was holding coffee.

We'll miss you, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and we'll miss you, Terry Jeffords. Have fun beating up scrubs with Deadpool.