The beauty queens have landed in Lagos courtesy of ex Miss. Tourism Tomi Salami and her humanitarian initiative, The Aurora Foundation. The queens on a mission

Tomi Salami isn't your average beauty queen, the philanthropist has used her platform for good for over 5 years and has used her influence to change lives through her various initiatives

Her latest project involves a selection of beauty queens from all over the world including Great Britain, Ghana, India and Lebanon. These queens on a mission have come not only experience the cultural wonders of Nigeria but to give back through a series of events in the spirit of United Nation World's International Day of Charity.

Writing on her Instagram, Tomi said:

Unveiling worldwide in a bit... Once again, BEAUTY brings together a strong SISTERHOOD of Queens who heed the call. For the first time LIVE in Lagos, Nigeria, prestigious Beauty Queens join hands with The Aurora International Charity Foundation @theaurorafoundation to make HISTORY as we mark the United Nations World’s International Day of Charity on the 5th of September, 2018.

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Tomi Salami’s Aurora International Foundation has quietly reached out to over 10, 000 impoverished Nigerian kids in various states since 2013 under her Kits for Kids Africa Educational and Dental Drive Health projects for needy children.

According to their website:

The Aurora International Charity Foundation brings together the best of non-profit passion and philanthropic acumen to create a sustainable solution to life’s everyday challenges. We aim to improve the quality of life in Africa via our platforms: Education, Welfare,Empowerment & Health. In this way, we not only model the change we wish to see in the world; but we also use the tools of love and care to ensure responsible continuity by inspiring those around us and sowing aspirational seeds that enable them build their dreams beyond their seemingly bleak immediate environment.

The Aurora Foundation is dedicated to, ''raising the standard of living in Africa by utilizing various loving incentives that serve to inspire and motivate Africans to look beyond the travails of the present, dream big and tow the right path…the pathway to changing the world One Step at a Time.''

It's incredibly refreshing to see young women use their platform for positive and effectual change and we hope the beauty queens enjoy their stay in our beautiful country.