Most times ladies wont leave the

In order to leave the intimate area smelling some kind of way, ladies decide to put in anything that in their opinion would make it smell 'nice' forgetting that the vagina is self cleansing and has a way of taking care of itself naturally.

Unfortunately raved products abound with promises of giving the vagina a 'facelift' and other bogus bits; from the vagina lipstick a product presented in a tube meant to be used on the lips of the labia coming with promises of purity, moisturizing and to maintain PH balance amongst other douches that some ladies 'swear by', disturbing the area.

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The vagina is not as high maintenance as it looks or feels although it's necessary to always keep the area dry, wear clean breathable underwears preferably cotton and make sure hygiene around the area is 100 and all you'd need in the shower is just water and it's back smelling nice (what you eat/diet helps this area).

There are so many things you are not supposed to put in the vagina:

1. Douches

A lot of ladies still feel the need to douche and it's not good for the vagina as it disrupts the area's PH. Maintain a great sense of hygiene and use water instead of any chemical infused solution.

2. Vaseline

Vaseline should not get into the vagina though it's a common form of lubrication  it can cause serious infection.

3. Food of any kind

No kind of food should get into this intimate area, no matter how creative you want to get with your partner in bed. It's the ultimate high way to discomfort and serious infection.

4. Oil of any kind

Oil like tea tree oil and other types should not be used in the private area.

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5. Fruits & Vegetables

Just like other foods, fruits and veggies should not be used in the area.

6. Sharp objects

Apart from obviously a way to inflict wounds in the area there are damages sharp objects can cause on the area's insides.

7. Toys

Toys shouldn't be placed in the vagina except for sex toys meant specifically for the vagina! No toy used in the anal area or anywhere else should get into the vagina.