Kim Kardashian is dishing on her enviable locks!

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The reality star is known for her luscious locks that she works into any look and lately ponytail and double braids. Ladies know keeping hair shiny and soft is not the easiest thing to achieve and you can take a cue from the reality star.

Surprisingly Kim Kardashian West's haircare is low-maintenance hair as she revealed via a post on her website;

"I only shampoo it twice a week to prevent it from drying out, I also love using hydrating at-home hair masks. I usually wash my hair maybe every 3-5 days and on the third or fourth day I'll do a slicked-back ponytail. I get my hair super straight first with our ceramic iron".

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On her favourite hairstyle at the moment, she revealed "A sleek ponytail is one of my go-to looks at the moment".

Bottom line is the star revealed she shampoos her hair twice a week!