How physical exercise helps treat depression, anxiety and stress

Exercise is not only good for your physical body but, your mental health.

Working out improves your mental health

When we exercise, we lose weight, have a toned body, thinner waistline, flatter tummy, and many other physical benefits. But do you know that exercise is also good for your mental health?

Today, I was out at a few minutes past 6 a.m. when I saw some people from the window of a gym, running on a treadmill. I kept wondering what would motivate them to go out so early to exercise.

Well, people who exercise regularly experience mental benefits like more energy throughout the day, feeling more relaxed, better sleep and generally having improved mental health.

Exercise relieves anxiety by releasing endorphins. Also, aids a technique of relieving anxious thoughts known as mindfulness.

When you are exercising, you can zone in to the rhythm of your breathing, the movement of your legs or the feel of the wind on your skin. All these help you to focus on your body and reduce the flow of anxious thoughts.

Studies show that exercise is as effective as anti-depressants drugs in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

Exercise helps to fight depression because of the different changes it makes to the brain. It promotes neural growth and brain activities that make one feel calm and settled.

Exercise also releases endorphins which are happy hormones that lift your spirit and make you feel happy.

Finally, when you are exercising your mind is distracted from depressive thoughts and emotions.

Exercise also helps to relieve stress. When you are stressed, you feel it in your body, your muscles tighten, your neck aches, you have a headache, you feel pain in your back as well as many other physical symptoms but exercise fixes this by helping you relax and easing tension not only in your body but in your mind.

Your body and your mind are linked to each other. If your body is well taken care of, your mind would be too.


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