There are simple ways (including lifestyle habits) to treat acne which are not necessarily expensive or rigorous to follow.

From using strawberries, cucumbers, turmeric powder and more, these three fast remedies work great for acne and fast too!

1. Milk and Nutmeg

Mix milk and nutmeg together to form a paste, then apply the mix to places you have acne/breakouts.

The paste helps dry out the breakouts fast, its therapeutic as well and you can use this mix daily if you do, you should notice an improvement in about a week!

2. Cucumber

Chop cucumber into a past and apply this paste on your face. Leave the paste on for about forty minutes then rinse off with.

Apart from the great smell cucumber has, it helps prevents acne/breakouts if incorporated into a daily routine.

3. Mint Juice

Mint juice works wonders for skin. It works well for acne/breakouts. Apply mint juice all over your face and leave it on for thirty minutes. Wash the juice off with lukewarm water.

Do not leave this juice on for more than thirty minutes and rinse off completely because it can make the skin overly dry.