According to makeup artist, Jenny Patinkin, not all wands are created equal.

"Brushes come in lots of shapes and sizes, pick up different amounts of mascara, have bristles that are more or less densely packed, or have varying degrees of flex. The results you'll get absolutely depends on the wand."

The most important part to finding your mascara wand soul mate might surprise you,  and present a little bit of a beauty quest.

"The size of your wand should make sense for the size of your eyes," Patinkin explained. "I like a wand that's medium size, densely packed, and has a pointed tip, because it works on all eye shapes and sizes."

Read on for Patinkin's favorite mascaras, plus some application tips to ensure you get the lashes you want, when you want them.

For natural lashes

To lightly add volume and definition for naturally beautiful lashes, look for the classic tubular mascara wand shape. If you want to create a curl in your lashes, focus your mascara application at the lash line. “Heavy tips can actually weigh down your lashes and drag down the curl,” says Patinkin.

For definition

A spiral brush grabs and coats each lash, making your eyes look huge.

For luxurious length

With sparse, supershort bristles, you're able to get right up against every lash from roots to tip. "Comb the mascara evenly through the lashes, but don't wiggle the wand between the roots," warns Patinkin. Wiggling and applying mascara to the tops of your lashes can cause clumping.

For full lashes

Thick, densely bristled brushes bolster and thicken each lash for major volume. When applying this formula, wiggle from the roots all the way to the tips of your lashes. "Wiggling helps get a 360-degree coating of product on your lashes and plumps them up," explains Patinkin.

For a dramatic look

Look for long, tightly packed bristles on a rubber comb. Lots of bristles seriously bulk up your fringe, while the rubber detailing allows you to sculpt your lashes to perfection.

For lower lashes

The often-neglected lower lashes get the attention they deserve with a tiny brush. To get an elongated look at the outer corners, Patinkin recommends wiping excess product from the brush tip, then use the wand vertically, pulling away from each lash.

For that doll like effect

Long, dense yet evenly spaced bristles on a wand shaped almost like a double helix make for the perfect marriage of length and lusciousness.

View photos in gallery for illustrations of the mascara wand shapes and bristles.