Tinsel Actress

The actor who plays Shalewa’s mum (TITI K) in MNET's Tinsel shares her battle with the auto- immune rheumatic disease that affects the skin and some organs in the body which started sometime ago.

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Talking about managing the disease for the first time, she shares how she deals with the physical changes; "I basically stopped looking in the mirror. I told myself this was only a phase I was passing through. My face had changed completely. My skin looked absolutely scary. I was as skinny  as a rake but my focus was my health rather than how I looked. I was in too much pain now to care about my looks".

She speaks about how scary the experience started out for her “At the early stage,  I didn’t know what the problem was. I was my own doctor, I read everything on the Internet that seemed to relate with my symptoms. I noticed my teeth had problems, my limbs became heavy to move, my feet, hands, face were swollen. I went very dark and my skin began to harden, itch and became very scaly. I was in pain twenty-four seven"