The Southern African country of Zambia seems to have taken a step forward in womens rights in the workplace.

The country now allows women who are on their period to take a day off from work. The practice is known as Mothers Day and it is a part of the country's labour laws. Mother's Day also applies to single women.

Women who are not on their periods are allowed to use the Mother's Day card as long as they are genuinely ill.

Minister of Labour, Joyce Nonde-Simukoko told the BBC, "If you're absent yourself yet you are found in a disco house, then it will not be taken as Mother's Day."

"You shouldn't even leave town, be found doing your hair or shopping. You can be fired. For example, somebody was found farming after taking Mother's Day and she was fired" she further said.

While this move by Zambia has been applauded both locally and internationally, some others think it is counter productive.

"I don't believe in it and I don't take it. Menses are a normal thing in a woman's body; it's like being pregnant or childbirth. I think women take advantage of that, especially that there's no way of proving that you are on your menses or not" Mutinta Musokotwane-Chikopela, a mother of three children told BBC.

Some employers in the country also do not support the law because they believe it will be counter-productive for three or four women to all in sick in one day.

What do you think about this law? Do you think it is the right move to allow women take a day off during their period? Or do you think it is unfair and unproductive?