According to eyewitnesses, the deadly robbery gang that attacked two banks simultaneously in Ipakodo, Ebute-Ogolonto area of Ikorodu area of Lagos State, was led by a young lady 'who could not be up to 20 years of age,' with a live snake tied round her waist.

The robbers reportedly stormed the Zenith Bank and First Bank located directly opposite the Ipakodo Police Division where they made away with over N80 million while injuring many people in the process.

The lady who was described as a female ‘commando’, was the one issuing orders to the young men during the operations and she allegedly stood in front of the police division and, with a megaphone, dared the police to come out and face her gang.

An eyewitness said:

"A the gang leader, a woman, walked while their cars moved towards the Origin Gardens (the jetty area). She dared the police to come out and ordered her gang members not to shoot anybody.

She is not up to 20 years and she had a snake tied round her waist. I saw five of them. They dragged the bags that contained the money inside the jetty.

They used dynamites to destroy the doors of the bank. They entered the banking hall and ordered everybody to lie down. These guys looked young.

They were dressed in black and they wore caps. They did not use masks. They robbed for over an hour. It was terrible.”

Another witness said:

“Where I hid, I saw them carrying bags of money into the jetty. That short woman held the gun, while another guy took the money inside the jetty.

When they were about to escape, they removed the number plates of their three cars, poured fuel on them and shot at one of them, which erupted in flames."