A Nigerian police officer,

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Biu who is a Mobile Police officer from Biu Local Government Area of Borno State took to his Facebook page to declare the war on people whom he believes poisoned President Buhari, a situation that led to his falling sick which necessitated his long medical vacation.

Biu who seems very determined to carry out his threats, also added that he and his people are ready to wage a war in Nigeria if the President dies at any time.

Read what he posted on his wall:

"After they poisoned him, God did not let him die; Buhari cat with nine lives. Now they want you to resign so that they will continue to steal our yam?

No way, your enemies will die like mosquitoes before you including those who are commenting negatively. Shege yan buro uba, zamu ci uwar ku. If Buhari dies, I promise to kill 200 people."

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This is not the first time die-hard supporters of President Buhari have vowed to kill, maim or cause a serious disturbance if anything happens to the President and it is left to be seen if the security apparatus would take action on such utterances.