In the past few days, the media space in Azerbaijan has been agog with the news of a Nigerian footballer,

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Emenayo who played for some seasons in Uganda with SC Villa, before moving to Azerbaijan, was accused of falsifying his age with some journalists saying he is 40-years-old but the striker has come out to defend himself by saying he is really 23 and has posted a photo of his international passport to back up his claims.

Reacting to the claims that he must have falsified his passport, Emenayo said he didn't lie about his age and that he was born in 1993 as stated in his passport.

“How can anybody claim or ascertain that I am not 23-years-old merely by my looks? My passport says I was born in 1993 and no one can dispute that. Are they my parents to say I was not born in the year on my passport?"

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It is not yet known if Emenayo would file legal actions against those who claimed he is older than the age he carries in his passport.

See bromide of passport here.