Public Relations Officer of the Adavi Local Government, Mr Abdulhamid Salahudeen, in a phone chat, told newsmen that three of the victims died on Tuesday, November 1, at the Okene General Hospital, while a woman and two of her children died on Monday, October 31, Punch reports.

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According to him, the five deceased children were aged between nine and fifteen years.

Punch reports that the mother-of-three, a daughter and two sons, brought the cassava flour (white Amala) from her farmland at Ohuepe village on Sunday, October 30.

Salahudeen disclosed that she prepared dinner from the flour for her family and sent some to her neighbour.

The victims later developed a severe stomach ache after going to bed that night which resulted in the death of the woman and two of her kids.

Sensing that the sudden death might have been a result of the cassava flour, the neighbours rushed the remaining three kids to Okene General Hospital where they died on Tuesday.

Salaudeen revealed that the local government authority believes that the cassava flour was poisoned and the case has been reported to the police for follow-up action.

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Speaking on conditions of anonymity, a senior nursing officer at the Okene General Hospital, confirmed the death of the three victims, saying that the victims were rushed in on Monday afternoon.