This is not fiction. A terminally ill teenager in the United Kingdom will be the first human being to be cryogenically preserved.

This was done so that she could be treated in the future if there is a cure. According to the BBC, the 14- year old teenager suffered from a rare form of cancer. She died in October 2016.

Before she died she wrote this letter to the judge;

“I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing done.

“I am only 14 years old and I don’t want to die but I know I am going to die.

“I think being cryopreserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up – even in hundreds of years’ time.

“I don’t want to be buried underground.

“I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they may find a cure for my cancer and wake me up.

“I want to have this chance.

“This is my wish.”

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Her father was against cryogenic preservation but her mother shared her daughter's hopes. Her body will now be flown to America where it will be preserved till science can find a cure.

Cryogenic preservation has occurred a lot in science fiction movies. Hans Solo from the franchise was cryogenically frozen till he was rescued by Luke Skywalker.

In the TV series , a brilliant scientist cryogenically freezes a group of people who will become survivors after the earth has been ravaged by evolved carnivorous creatures called Abbies centuries lat