Super star Jay Z may be signing a new musician into his folk pretty soon. 12 year old Justin Kyler got the opportunity of a lifetime when his mentor called him up to ‘rap for him’ at the Magna Carter Holy Grail Tour last night in Greensboro, NC. The youngster reportedly shocked the Grammy winner with his flow!

According to an insider, ‘Hov was showing love to the crowd when young Justin Kyler was holding a sign that said, “Can I rap for you?” So, Jigga called him up on stage.’ The insider confirmed that, ‘when he got on stage, Justin said, “I don’t need no music” and delivered a rap verse from Jay Z’s Clique. At the end, he got even bolder and asked Jigga if he could go backstage after the show and, he got a ‘yes’, two hugs and an endless shout out from the rap king himself’.

Whoever said there’s anything called luck? Whenever opportunity meets preparation there is bound to be success! Little Justin can testify to this!