As the year comes to an end, we are all eager to share that photo that gives the world a glimpse of our whole year and we definitely want our best foots forward. does just that for you! The site automatically selects your best nine photos through out 2016 based on the number of likes they got.

We can all agree that we share these photos for the likes which in turn prove just how on 'fleek' they are so look no further!

So here's how to make your very own:

  • Go to on your phone and enter your Instagra User name.
  • In roughly 10 minutes, (It would take you far longer on your own) the site will create a collage of the best nine photos through the whole year that received the most love.
  • Even better, the site tells you how many pictures you have posted and the total amount of likes you have received in 2016.
  • You can choose to select "photo only version," which will leave out the total statistics for your 2016 posts or you can keep the original one keep your followers in loop (thats part of the point right?).
  • Tap and hold the picture to save it on your phone, although you may need to open the photo in new tab before saving.
  • Last but not the least, do not forget to add the #2016BestNine in the caption just to make sure most of the world sees it(again, the point).

The Best Nine feature was first made available in 2015, with Instagram flooding with series of photos belonging to the famous and the wannabe's.

Celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and of course, Kim Kardashian took advantage so why not you?

Let's get to posting shall we?