On Wednesday, August 26, Pulse Nigeria Poll conducted a fun-filled beauty contest where readers were asked to vote for the tribe that boasts of the most beautiful and alluring women in the country.

This was after taking into consideration that with every tribe in Nigeria being blessed with beautiful and alluring women, that it would take very discerning eyes to tell which possessed the most amazing women.

Some of the tribes highlighted, though not in anyway restricting the others, included the Hausa, Yorubas, Igbos, Fulanis, Efik/Ibibio, and at the end of the very close voting results, the  Igbo women carried the day with a slim 26%.

The Hausas gave them a tight fight and ended second with 25%, while the Fulani ladies got 16% of the votes to take third. The Yoruba and Efik/Ibibio ladies followed closely with 10% and 9% respectively.

This is the poser that was asked:

Which tribe in Nigeria can boast of the most beautiful women?

How Nigeria voted:

25% - Hausas

10% - Yorubas

26% - Igbos

9% - Efik/Ibibios

2% - Binis

16% - Fulanis

1% - Idomas

1% - Tivs

1% - Egbiras

2% - Urhobos

2% - Ijaws

10% - Others

How would you vote?