A Pulse reader, Chief Robert, sent in this heart rending letter about how his young wife sent assassins to kill him.

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"My name is Chief Robert, a 58-year-old man hose life has been turned upside down by my young wife, Mercy. She is just 25-years-old and after I lost my wife of 30 years.

When I was dating her, Mercy was the quintessential woman who showed all the qualities a man would want to have in a woman. Little did I that she was pretending all along and had some sinister motives up her sleeves.

It was after the wedding that her true colours began to manifest. She started out by alienating my children and whenever they came to visit, she would make life unbearable for them. It was so bad that my children vowed never to come to the house again.

I tried to endure her excesses and had long talks with her, to no avail. Her life was just to go to parties, spend time with her friends and with time, I started hearing how she was sleeping around with different men.

As if those excesses were not enough, she began to scheme to silence me. On the day it happened, I was on my way to Ibadan for a business appointment when a car double-crossed mine and four hefty men streamed out and kidnapped me. They shot at my driver and whisked me away.

I was driven to God-knows-where in blindfold. The men beat me up terribly and at a point, I became unconscious. They must have thought I was dead because they left me and were discussing when I came to. The one who seemed to be the leader was on the phone and it apparent he was talking with my wife. He told her that I was dead and that she should make sure their balance was ready.

To cut a long story, I was rescued later that day by the police, though I did not know how they managed it.

Mercy was the first person to visit me in the hospital and she was crying loads of crocodile tears.

After I was dispatched, I called my children and told them what she did. They almost beat her to death and while some of them want to hand her to the police, I have been trying all I could to stop them. She has been begging for forgiveness and I am in two minds on what to do.

I need advice from your esteem readers.

Chief Robert."

The teaser for the day was:

Would you forgive a spouse who sent assassins after you?

How Nigeria voted:

10% - Yes, I will forgive him/her if he/she apologises

89% - No, I will never forgive him/her

How would you vote?