But when she caught her uncle's wife having sex with his best friend, has has been torn between looking our for her uncle and causing the break up of his marriage.

Read her letter here:

"My name is Annette and I am a 23-year-old graduate from a private university in Nigeria. I have a serious burden in my heart that has been eating deep into me and I seriously need advice so as to know the right steps to take.

I grew up with my mother's young brother who took up my responsibilities after I lost my father at the age of 15. My uncle has become a father to me and makes sure I do not feel the absence of my real father.

I am so grateful to my uncle that I will be damned if I can see any harm coming to him and keep quiet but this time around, it has to do with his family and I am afraid if he ever gets to know what his wife, did, it could lead to the breakdown of the marriage.

But at the same time, I feel so guilty that I have kept it to myself for the past two months. You see, I caught Aunt Rita red-handed, having sex with my uncle's best friend, , and business partner. No one told me that he/she saw them. Neither did I see them just romancing or kissing; I caught them naked, having raw sex.

My uncle had travelled to South Africa on some business and from what he told me, his friend, who was more like a family member, was supposed to travel with him but had suddenly developed some strange ailment, so my uncle had to go alone.

On the day it happened, I was supposed to go and visit my boyfriend, , and spend the weekend with him and told my aunt who gave me her permission. She was all alone at home as their three children are in school but I knew she could take care of herself.

But when I got to Kenny's place in Yaba, I met the shock of my life when I walked in and saw him with another girl on the bed. I was so devastated that I ran out of his apartment. I decided to go see a female friend and cry myself out. I was with for a while as she tried to comfort me but when it got late, I decided to go back home.

As I opened the gate into my uncle's house, the first surprise was seeing uncle Andy's Range Rover jeep parked in front of the house. This was not unusual though, but why would he still be in the house at almost 10pm, when my uncle was not around?

But I did not give it a serious thought until I walked into the sitting room to find his shoes and cap on the settee but he and Aunt Rita were no where to be found.

That was when the alarm bells began ticking in my head. I removed my shoes, and on tip toes, climbed the staircase towards the master bedroom and my worst nightmare was confirmed when I heard the unmistakable sounds of a couple making love. I stood there frozen but something compelled me and I mustered the courage to approach the room.

In their hurry, they must have forgot to lock the bedroom door because as pushed it open, I saw in the dim light, uncle Andy on top of Aunt Rita, humping away. I stood there for over a minute and they were so carried away and did not see me.

I sneaked away and decided to stay in the sitting room waiting for them to come down and almost an hour later, I saw them coming down the staircase laughing and behaving like teenagers in love.

They were both shocked to see me sitting there with tears in my eyes, looking up at them. My uncle's wife as well as Andy knew I must have seen them in action and since then, have been trying everything possible to get made to tell them how much I saw and begging me not to tell my uncle but I have kept mute all through.

I have lost all the respect I used to have for her and though I have not told anyone, I feel it would be unfair to keep such finding from my uncle.


The teaser for the day was:

Would you tell your uncle that you caught his wife having sex with his friend?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, I will not hesitate in telling him - 48%

No, I will not want to break their home - 6%

I will tell some of her friends to warn her - 14%

I will talk to her to desist from such - 32%

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