How do you spot a  big boy in Lagos?

If you go by eLDee's 2009 song 'Big Boy' featuring Banky W and Olu Maintain, then big boys have Louis Vuitton shoes, a Gucci wrist watch, and a Prada bag.

Any sharp guy on the streets can get these. Do you know how many guys in Lagos wear imitations and knock-offs? A lot of people form in Lagos, so you might just think that the guy next to you is a millionaire. Don't fall for it, look at his Rolex really well.

How do you separate the real rich boys from the fakes? Well, go through the list below to spot the real deal

1) Get a Range Rover or Mercedes-Benz

Lagos big boys don't drive around town in a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry. Lagos big boys don't do Japanese cars. They drive in exotic cars like the latest Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz and even Bentleys. A big boy won't be caught dead in a car that middle-income earners can afford. They drive the big toys, nothing else.

2) Expensive native attires

Big Boys rock expensive native attires. They don't do all that Hip-Hop juvenile dressing. They rock agbadas and kaftans that are well starched. This how the big boys roll- agbada or kaftan, really expensive slippers and top it off with some designer shades. You can never go wrong looking like a senator who just received his monthly allowance.

3) Multiple expensive phones

If your boyfriend is managing a second hand iPhone 5, sorry he is not a big boy my dear. A true big boy has many expensive phones. It is not uncommon for a big boy to have two iPhones, a Samsung smartphone, a Microsoft Lumia and a really expensive Blackberry. Don't get it twisted, all the phones have active lines and data in them. At public events, you can see them holding their phones and really shiny car keys.

4) Speak with a British accent

Most Lagos big boys schooled abroad. When they come back to the country, the accent is even thicker than ever. The British accent helps Lagos big boys separate themselves from the accidental millionaires in the city. Their British accent lets you know that they come from old money and established families. Level pass level.

5) Chase women

Lagos big boys are also known as Yoruba demons. They chase women with no shame. They have multiple girlfriends, side chicks, jump offs and baby mamas. Lagos big boys are playboys who splash cash on their numerous women.

6) Clubbing

The big boys of Lagos know how to club. As a matter of fact, they are the ones who make most night clubs profitable. They don't club just on the weekends, they club all week around. Lagos big boys spend serious money when they are clubbing, spending over N1m on bottles.