I am torn between loyalty to my elder brother and protecting his forthcoming marriage and this has been giving me sleepless nights.

My brother, , has been responsible for my education and I have been living with him for the past seven years since our father died. My brother is the best brother anyone can ever hope for and I am sad at what his fiancee, , has been doing behind his back.

Their wedding has been fixed for August this year after the introduction and wine carrying ceremony which was conducted last year but I discovered that the kind we call runs-girl.

I got to realize this when I and some friends were invited to a party somewhere on the Lagos Island. At the party, I found out that the men, all of them top politicians and captains of industries, were in the habit of inviting girls and holding a sex orgy all in the guise of having a party.

I noticed that many of the ladies were runs-girls and the men took turns having sex with them in the guest rooms.

I would watch with dismay as the men would pick the girls, take them into rooms and have sex with them. We were in the middle of the party when I saw Betty walk in with a pot-bellied man old enough to be her father.

When I saw her, I quickly ducked behind a man sitting in front of me but it was in vain as she did not even see me. She was tipsy and was clinging on to the man. When they went to the dance floor, she was all over the man and was shamelessly kissing him.

After a while, they went into one of the rooms and spent over 30 minutes before coming out. I asked the friend who took us to the party if she knew Betty and she told me she was a big time prostitute and was even one of those who arranged girls for the parties.

When she asked if I knew her, I lied and said she resembled someone I knew. My friend went ahead to tell me some of the times she had seen Betty with different men and ended up telling me she was a professional prostitute.

I was shocked because this is a woman who pretends to be a saint. Whenever she comes to my bother's place, she would always wake us up in the morning for morning devotion and would be the first person to get ready for church.

She has been able to make my family believe she is very holy and I know many would not believe me if I tell them what I saw.

Even my brother will find it hard to believe me but I don't think he deserves such a woman. I have come to hate her so much. I don't want my brother to get married to such a deceitful woman.


Dear readers, Lauretta is torn between love for her brother and keeping Betty's secret so as not to upturn the apple cart. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?