My husband, , is really making me regret agreeing to marry him ahead of , my ex-boyfriend who also wanted to marry me.

I saw Harry more of a gentleman because he was always calm in everything he does while Efosa was the hypersensitive type, always out for one adventure or the other.

Efosa was not ready for marriage just yet and wanted me to wait for two more years while at 26, I was due for marriage especially as my family was on my neck.

What Harry lacked in bed, Efosa was the bomb and he always got the better of me when it comes to sex.

While Harry is meticulous and likes to put things in proper perspectives, Efosa was always ready for anything. In fact, and he would not be tired but with my husband, sex has never been a priority for him.

In the first year of our marriage, sleeping with my husband was just manageable where we had sex on an average of three times a week but in the past two years, it has plummeted so much that it takes a miracle for us to have sex once in three months.

Anytime I try to seduce him, he would complain of tiredness, not being in the mood or just plainly not interested. We have gone six months without sex and he does not see anything wrong in that.

He keeps telling me that while he is busy trying to put food on the table and take care of the bills, all I care about is sex.

It is not as if I do not understand how things are in the country but I am a woman and just as he tries to meet the needs of the family, my emotional needs should be taken care of as well.

I am getting tempted to get a man to do what my husband has refused to do and no one should blame me.


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