My husband, , though has been very supportive and always calms me down when I get worried about my childless status, is not a very happy man, especially with the pressure he has been getting from his family.

I have been insulted, called names, abused and mocked by his people all these years and life has been very unbearable for me, though I still believe that God can and will still do a miracle in my life.

I have gone to so many places in my search for a solution to my problems, including places I would naturally have not stepped in.

I have visited hospitals across the country and even as far as Ghana, visited churches, spiritual homes, herbalists and diviners, all to no avail.

I have spent hundreds of thousands of Naira on sacrifices, tithes, seeds and other things, all to no avail.

My mother on her part has taken me to so many places to seek to a solution to no avail. And it is that same worried woman that a pastor now says is the one behind my problems.

I was introduced to the pastor by my friend, , who told me he has the solution to my problems. I did not waste time in following Ndidi to the man's church in an outskirt of Lagos and when I got there, he pronounced a seven-day dry fast and assignment which I eagerly did.

After the fast and assignment where I spent over N200,000, the pastor told me that my mother is the one behind my tribulations and unless she dies, I will not be able to bear children.

He told me that my mother is the head of a witchcraft coven and had sold my womb to her people and the only solution is her death.

He also told me that he would start a spiritual battle to kill my mother so that I would be free, but the only caveat is that I have to give him the go ahead.

I have told my husband about the pastor's revelation but Leo told me to disregard him and stop attending the church.

I still find it difficult to believe that my mother could be behind my problems but the pastor has given me an ultimatum which expires in a few weeks time.

What do I do?


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: what do you think Jennifer should do in this situation she has found herself in?