It was a funny revelation at the premises of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, (SARS), Lagos, when a suspected armed robber revealed that what he pays to police officers and other security agents to provide cover for him far outweighs the meager salary the policemen get every month.

The suspect, Tunde Aribisala, who is also known as Two Minutes, also said he made sure his gang members took an oath never to kill policemen because the officers too have families and dependents.

While being paraded by the police, Two Minutes claims that he is a very kind and humble criminal who takes pity on the police officers and soldiers and made sure he gives them money after every successful operation because their 'take home pay is poor'.

Hear Two Minutes:

"I’m very quiet and humble, but very dangerous during robbery operations. I have never killed a policeman or a soldier. I used to give them money any day I succeeded in operation because their take home pay is poor."

Aribisala who said he is married with three children, - two boys and a girl – say they attend one of the best private schools in Ikoyi, claiming that his children were very brilliant.

Aribisala who also said he is a very successful business man, said he has adequately provided for his children’s education, as well as set aside enough money that would take care of his wife.

"My beautiful wife does not know that I am a She thinks I am a car dealer. I have car stands in Lagos, Ibadan, Kwara, and Lekki. But nobody know that I snatched cars and also robbed innocent Nigerians.

We could have killed a lot of policemen, especially during robbery operations. But we took oath in our gang never to kill any policeman.

We took that oath because we agreed in our gang that they are human beings like us and also have dependents like us.

The person leading the gang had been killed in one of our operations. We needed someone to replace him. This was the argument we were having when the police stormed our hideout.

His death made us to start discussing the rationale in not killing policemen when they were killing our members and were ready to kill us.

We were also arguing on how to share the N5 million we snatched on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway when we were arrested."