A 23-year-old man,

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Vanguard reports that the incident which happened in at Ekpri Ikot Ene community in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State, when the suspect murdered his father, HRH Francis Ekpo Ene, who is also the traditional ruler of the community after the father persistently accused him of stealing his money.

Though some residents believe the suspect must have acted under a powerful and diabolical influence as he was not known to be a violent person, others think the father must have pushed him to the wall.

One of his step-mothers,  Affiong Offiong Asuquo, believes that Ekpo Jnr. was manipulated by some evil forces:

“The problem started when my husband’s money started missing and he had always thought that it was his first son, who was responsible for the theft, not knowing that he was not the person involved, and he had always denied being the one.

The height was when he sold his oil and kept N90,000 in a milk can and the money got missing again.

He was really angry because he could not fathom why such an amount of money could get missing in his house.

But my husband did not know that it was actually his daughter who stole the money and disappeared to her boyfriend’s place, only to return after they had exhausted the cash.

Junior was not the thief but his father did not know. He was often angry at his father for accusing him wrongly and he used to say: 'one day, I will slaughter you and throw you inside the toilet for accusing me wrongly.'

All these came to pass that night as the father started shouting at him to provide the money he took from his room; the boy got angry and picked up a cutlass and killed him.

I am sure he was not in his right senses when he killed his father. He is not a violent person."

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A community leader, however, believes that the incident could be a 'traditional coup' with some people who did not like the emergence of the late traditional ruler using some forces to manipulate Francis Jnr. who was not known to be violent to murder his father.