That was the feeling I got when I woke up on the 1 of January, 2014, expecting to get back slaps, text messages and phone calls from loved ones and family members, wishing me the mandatory HappyNewYear chorus, only to be confronted by the news that a 30-yearoldArchitecture graduate from the ObafemiAwolowoUniversity, (OAU), Ife, OsunState, Nigeria, committed suicide by hanging himself in an uncompleted building in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, Nigeria.

The report had it that the young man who just finished his NationalYouthService, decided to take his life because the parents of the girl he wanted to marry disapproved of the marriage because they are not from the same place.

And the lover boy, so angry at having his love object taken away from him, took the Romeo approach and ended it all, maybe expecting the lady to follow suit.

Like seriously? Did anyone tell the guy that What was he thinking? Did he, in his wildest dreams, hope that the lady will go to the ThirdMainlandBridge, take a running dive into the lagoon, so that they will continue their ‘’ in the world beyond? Did he think the lady will applaud him for taking such a stupid action?

Did he even think of his parents who must have spent his life savings on his education, hoping he will come out to help them and his siblings, collected loans from their working places, community development associations, self-contributions and even from their church to send him to school, only for him to come out and form Mr. Romeo?

Hello guy, were you for real? So a girl’s parents say you cannot marry their daughter and with all the girls and ladies in this world looking, praying and fasting for husbands, you had to go and kill yourself because of one woman.

Boy, I am sure you must have thought you would come out smelling like roses or that the girl will take up the Juliet part, but I am sorry to disappoint you: that babe may even be thanking God that that silly action of yours have ridden the world of one nonentity.

Pal, that is not how to die. If I was there, man, I would have

As if that was not enough, news broke out few days ago where a guy butchered his rival to death because he caught him with, wait for it, ‘’. Apparently, the two guys were ‘ the same babe and on the day the killer was to go and ‘’, the other guy had sneaked into the babe’s apartment and was ‘horsing’ on the babe.

The aggrieved mate, not able to take the shame, jumped into the room through the window and sent his rival to hell.

Why in this world would a man kill another because of a woman? One woman at that, when there are millions out there praying to be seen by men?

And at the end of the day, they blame the devil for their actions. I am sure one of these days, the devil himself will come down and defend himself.