Seven people including a 9-yr-old girl has been reported to have been beheaded by militants who are said to be loyal to the notorious terrorist sect,  ISIS.

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The deceased are said to be members of the Hazara ethnic group including three women and 9-yr-old, and were abducted by Islamic militants loyal to ISIS on October 1, from Rasani village in the Gelan district of neighbouring Ghazni province on their way to their province.

According to deputy police chief in Zabul, Jailani Farahi, their bodies were found on Sunday, November 8, in southern Zabul.

"Daesh fighters(local name for the Islamic militants) brutally killed these people and their dead bodies have been carried to Shah Joi district hospital. We were able to receive their bodies with the help of tribal elders.

"Among those beheaded were three women whose necks were brutally cut," head of Zabul provincial council Atta Jan Haq Parast added.

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May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

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