Have you seen the latest edition of House of Maliq?

Normally, the beautiful ex-Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria winner Omowunmi Akinnifesi should kill on any magazine cover but somehow, someway House of Maliq failed to deliver.

The former beauty queen shares the cover with Nigerian comedian Ushbebe. The joint cover is far from striking but that can pass.

Omowunmi's solo cover is the problem. Totally wasting her sex appeal, glamour and physique, House of Maliq slaps her on a cover with no theme and horrible looking fonts.

Omowunmi Akinnifesi is on the cover with a weird pose and holding a leafy ball by a chain. To make matters worse, the fonts used on the cover are amateurish.

The House of Maliq font itself is far from great but that is a discussion for another day. Clearly, this magazine cover wasn't a product of effort and labour of love. It doesn't show passion and creativity.

House of Maliq should be applauded for its consistency especially during these times that the traditional magazine industry is taking hits from the Internet.

However, its covers leave a lot to be desired. Remember when popular dancer Kaffy graced its cover? That was another horrible job, a wannabe Beyonce photo that went wrong.

Covers are to magazines as trailers are to movies. A good magazine cover attracts people to buy it. If a magazine cover is off, chances are that the content isn't spectacular.

Nigerian magazine editors can moan all day long about how they are in a dying business but not coming correct on covers is not helping them either.

House of Maliq has a track record for bad covers. Editions with Solid Star, Azeezat, KCee, IK Ogbonna, Kaffy, Toke Makinwa, and Yvonne Nelson are examples.

Well, fashion is all about utilising the power of imagery and right now House of Maliq are not doing this.