10 shocking true-life horror stories from real Nigerians

People share their true life experiences with the supernatural.


Everything you read from this point is  collection of true stories collected from actual people. Whatever you believe is up to you:

I was about 13 years old, and passing through Oshodi on my way to the lessons. Believe me, I swear I saw someone walking on his head. I don't know when I screamed, and when everyone looked at me to ask what went wrong, the man had already disappeared.

Everyone thought I was crazy, except this woman who believed me. I still hate going to the market because of this.

It's hard to tell if I was awake or asleep, but there was this dwarf who used to come to my room in the midnight while I was asleep. I remember it so vividly, with his reddish-yellow face. When I complained to my mum, she told me to come and spend the night with them. I don't remember this part but my mum said I woke up in the midnight screaming "snake! snake!". I never slept in their room after then.

I'm still terrified of snakes.

Everyone who went on a Federal Government School probably has or has heard a horror story. I attended Federal Government College, Okigwe.

Early one morning, I passed by my schools basketball. I heard all the grunting of people playing and even bouncing balls. When me and my friends went closer to the court, there was no one playing.

It was 2012 and I was rushing to catch keke to the roundabout, computer village. This boy was screaming at some man, basically cursing the man out--over change they had to share I think.

I saw the man touch the boy's head, and next thing the boy fell flat and started scrubbing his mouth on the floor. Bruh I was in shock

I don't think anyone else saw when the man touched the boy, either that or they kept quiet about it.

The boy did not stop scrubbing, he was bleeding badly, people rushed him, trying to help. The bleeding did not stop.

Oh and the man walked away casually.

I was about 13 to 14 when I woke up one in the middle of the night to close my windows because it was really cold and windy. There's a compound next to ours with  an uncompleted building. So I saw this woman dressed in tattered clothes, carrying a calabash on her head. Then she dipped her hand in the calabash and rubbed it on a pillar of the building. As she was turning around, she transformed into a dog.

This happened to my dad in the 1970s in Ibadan. He went out with his friend to go drink at a bar when they spotted this fine girl. So two of them went up to her and started a conversation. My dad's friend was quite interested in the girl and was making all the moves. The girl then started to complain of cold, so my dad's friend gave her his jacket. So he asked for her address to come get the jacket the next day. Forming sharp guy and all that. She wrote down her address and both of them went back the next day. When they knocked, an old woman answered the door, and they asked after the girl. "Are you sure that's the person you came to see?" They said yes. She asked them this thrice. Then she nodded, and told them to follow her, leading them to the backyard of the house. Right there was a grave, with the girl's name on it. Even more terrifying was that his jacket was neatly placed on the grave.

He fell seriously sick for the next two months with strange boils all over his body.

My great grandmother was a white witch in Kogi. Her daughter (my grandmother) used to sell palm oil in precolonial Nigeria. So one day, someone brought a really tiny tin to buy palm oil. My grandmother was just absentmindedly pouring oil into the tiny can. She poured in a whole litre. From nowhere, she heard her own mother's voice telling her to run away. When she looked up, the person was gone.

My grandma never sold palm oil after that day again.

I went to Federal Government Girls College in Umuahia, Abia State. Nnenna Nwabueze was the lead actress in the first Nigerian movie and her dad was a carpenter in my school. He died and his shed was always empty after that. Then one night, while returning from Night Prep, we saw a strange old woman in front of the shed, asking us to come and help us carry her load.

Nah mehn, we took off.

This happened in Mayflower. This really wicked teacher flogged a student. No one knows who the student was. But people say the student charmed him. He just went round the school picking all the pieces of paper and trash. When students tried to stop him, he fought them saying he was cleaning up.

Then another teacher came. We think he used a charm too. He told the teacher to stop, and when he regained his senses, he had no idea why his hands were full of trash.

Look, if someone had told me this, I probably won't have believed it. It was 2004, and I was at Challenge Bus-Stop in Illorin, Kwara State, and I was going back to Permanent Site (University of Illorin) around rush hour. Then a cab came and a lot of us were struggling to get in. One guy elbowed this old man while struggling to get in. In the end, the old man, the guy, and me couldnt even get into the cab. Then the old man asked the guy calmly, "young man why did you hit me like that?". The guy just kept yelling at the old man. The old man was like "do you want to slap me?" And the guy was like even if he slapped him, nothing would happen. Then the old man dared him. As he raised his hand, I swear, I was just walking in shock as this guy's arm disappeared. All that was left hanging from his shoulder was his palm. I didn't wait.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to G.R.A. That's over a kilometre according to Google Maps now. That's how long it took me before I actually stopped.


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