A 42-year-old businessman has accused his wife of being a thief at an  Igando Customary Court in Lagos.

Urging the court to dissolve his marriage of four years, Livinus Uwa, claimed that he had married a thief who always stole his money and wardrobe.

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Uwa made the disclosure while testifying in his divorce petition against his wife, Chineye, on Wednesday, September 21.

“I married a thief, on several occasions, my wife stole my money from my wardrobe, rendering me broke. The last time she burgled my room and stole N350, 000.

“I reported the theft at the police station and she confessed to the theft, but the money was not recovered,

“I have reported all her attitudes and stealing habits to both families, they called her but she refused to change,’’ he said.

Uwa accused Chineye of abandonment, alleging that she had a penchant for appearing and disappearing since they had gotten married.

“When she was pregnant, she left the house to an unknown place and came back after she was delivered of the baby.

“She abandoned our baby when she was 10-month-old; I have to engage a baby sitter to take care of her. When the baby was two years, I enrolled her in school and my wife reappeared,’’ he said.

Describing Chineye, the petitioner said his estrange wife is lazy and dirty, saying, “Chineye is lazy, she cannot cook, wash or sweep and I do the house chores."

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Uwa explained that he could no longer deal with her stealing habits and that he was no longer in love with her, pleading with the court to dissolve the marriage.

President of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, dissolved the marriage, concluding that Chinenye's absence from the court was proof that the marriage had been stretched beyond its limits.