The Late

The showbiz patriarch - who lost the 'Rehab' singer to accidental alcohol poisoning back in July 2011 - has confessed he can still sense that his dead daughter is close by and hears her words of encouragement whenever he takes to the stage.

Mitch told The Sun newspaper: "She's standing next to me, every time I go out on that stage. She's there all right, I feel her, sense her. She's in here now saying, 'Just get on with it, Dad'. I'm always speaking to her, all day, every day."

He also explained that the 27 year old singer was "angry" over her passing at first but has now become more settled in the after-life. "Her passing was a mistake and at first she was very angry and upset - I could feel that - but now she's more settled."

Although Mitch still admits life is still difficult without the 'Back To Black' hitmaker, he believes establishing his charity, the Amy Winehouse Foundation - which trains recovering addicts to go into schools and speak of their experiences - has made him a better man.

"I know Amy is very proud. She would not have wanted us to wallow in grief."he concluded.

Guys, do you believe this sh*t?