A Ghanaian woman,

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It was gathered that Enyolam who has been living in the state for the past 17 years, and her friend abducted the girl on her way to school on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, and had even joined the mother of the girl to search for her as well as reporting a case of missing person at a police station.

A police source who narrated the scenario, said the 43-year-old Enyolam wanted to extort money from her sister, hence her decision to kidnap the little girl.

“The suspect and the girl’s mother are sisters. Believe, however, colluded with her friend, Aigbomiam, to abduct the girl so that she could make money from the mother.

Their plan was that the friend would kidnap the child and hide her somewhere in Ogun State, while she would negotiate the ransom with the mother on the phone.

When the girl went missing, the girl’s mother called her and they both searched for the girl. She even suggested that they should report the case to the police. The mother never suspected that she was behind the kidnap.”

It was learned that while people were looking for the girl, Enyolam kept in touch with Aigbomiam on the phone.

The source continued that while in captivity, the girl raised the alarm that Aigbomiam was not her mother and called for help from some residents of the area she was being kept and the matter was reported to a community leader, who invited the police.

“When the police discovered that Aigbomiam was not alone in the crime and she was receiving calls from Believe, they decided to play along. They asked her to invite Believe to Ogun State.

It was when she arrived that the police arrested her. The case was subsequently transferred to Lagos State where the offence was committed. That was where the mother of the girl saw that her own sister was behind her ordeal.”

Confessing to the crime, Enyolam said she needed to raise money for business but when she approached her sister, she refused to assist and that was the reason she hatched the plan of abducting her daughter.

“I have my own children. I needed money badly that time and I thought of different ideas, which didn’t work. So, I decided to kidnap my sister’s daughter and demand N30,000 ransom from her.

I involved my friend because I didn’t want to be the one to take the girl from school. I don’t know what came over me.”

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42-year-old Aigbomiam, an indigene of Ekpoma, Edo State, said Believe asked her to kidnap the victim after she returned from a surgery in Benin.

“She said she wanted to use the girl to collect some money from her sister. She just showed me the girl’s school and I kidnapped her around 7.30am on Tuesday, while she was going to school.

I took her to my relative’s house in Ogun State. I was stupid for doing such a thing.”