Twitter user @Graham_Telenoza tweeted that Arik had delayed flights from Lagos to Johannesburg for three days.

He tweeted his frustration and posted a video of passengers complaining to a top staff of Arik Air. The argument escalated into a brawl between a passenger and the Arik Air staff.

According to his tweets, other passengers also tried to assault the Arik Air staff.

Another Twitter user @Brendalishus tweeted about the situation. Apparently, the enraged passengers held the staff of Arik Air hostage. She posted several clips of the passengers confronting the staff of the notoriously late airline.

The flight initially scheduled for 2 pm finally flew at 3 a.m in the morning.

Why is Arik Air still allowed to operate when it's customer service and poor punctuality record is very poor. Where is the NCAA in all of this?

Yes, in December 2016, the NCAA issued a N6m fine to Arik Air Limited for contravening the provisions of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs).

The NCAA also ordered the airline to pay its passengers, whose baggage were delayed on the London to Lagos route between Dec. 2 and Dec. 4 , $150 each as compensation.

This fine hasn't done anything to improve Arik Air's services. It gets worse daily. It has gotten to the point where Nigerians have to get physical before they can board a flight.

The whole set-up of Arik Air is poor. The staff recently protested because they haven't been paid for 7 months. This country is really amazing. What is the Nigerian Labour Congress doing about this?

It's sad because Nigerians like long-suffering and will continue patronising Arik. Also, Arik will still be in business because it covers the most routes. It's a lose-lose situation for Nigerians. Welcome to Nigeria.