Out of the 53,513  UTME candidates who sought admission into the

The figure according to the Guardian also includes 446 direct entry candidates who emerged out of the 2,659 applicants for admission into the university.

While addressing the new students, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof Idowu Olayinka said the success rate for admission in the institution currently stands at 6.6 percent for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) students while direct entry admission stands at 16.8 percent.

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“With the very high quality of our intakes on account of the rigorous and transparent admission process, it is much easier for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a UTME applicant to secure admission into this institution. We make bold to state here that our admission is easily ”

VC advised new students to avoid drugs

Olayinka also advised the students to shun the use of drugs such as codeine, tramadol, rohypnol, ecstacy and various mixtures of cannabis adding that the drugs are very dangerous.

“Academic performances suffers greatly from the use of these drugs and graduating with a decent grade may be incompatible with regular drug use. A student might find himself sleeping through lecture periods while under the influence of the drugs or unable to report for examination as well.

Olayinka also highlights the potential danger in the use of the drugs as having ''direct toxic effect on the brain causing reversible (sometimes irreversible) damages, which may manifest as seizures in a previously non-epileptic young person. The assault on the brain may also cause a young person to become suddenly psychotic manifesting by seeing and talking to unseen people and behaving abnormally. Other organs of the body also take a hit from the drugs especially the liver and kidney.”

Apart from drugs, the University Vice Chancellor also advised the new students to shun all forms of violence on campus.