Advertising is one of the high paying jobs you can find anywhere in the world. It is an industry for young and creative people.

Perhaps you are looking forward to building your career in this field and don't know what and what you need, don't look further, here are seven skills you need to have a great career in Advertising.

1. Creativity

The first skill that qualifies you or gives you a chance in Advertising field is creativity. The more creative you are, the easier you'll find your career in advertising.

2. Teamwork

If you're genuinely interested in building a career in advertising, you must be willing to work with other. As a matter of fact, you'll find it difficult to get to the top of the ladder in this field if you're not a team player. You'll need to collaborate with so many people to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas for products and brands.

3. Money management

In advertising, every project comes with a budget. There will be times you'll have a lean budget for a project and will have to manage the budget to execute a successful project. This is where your money management skills come to play. Being a good money manager is one of the key qualities of good advertising executives.

4. Decision Making

Ability to make good decisions is a major quality everyone looking forward to having a career in advertising should have. You'll be expected to make important decisions based on what you think is right or wrong.

5. Time Management

Organizational skills such as time management is important for any job. To have a successful career in adverting, your time management skill must be top notch because you'll have a lot of deadlines to meet in this field.

6. Listening

Listening is one of the most powerful skills you can have as a budding advertising executive. You'll need your listening skill to understand what your clients want and present it to them the exact way they want it.

7. Persuasion

Advertising is all about persuading or making people believe everything you tell them about a product. It is about convincing them that a product or brand is better than any other one they might be using. The easier it is for you to do convince people about a brand the better your chances of getting to the top in the world of advertising.