A pastor in Kaduna has warned that President Mohammadu Buhari has become a target of some powerful, unhappy men who might be thinking of doing him harm.

Pastor Kallamu Musa Dikwa, in an interview in Kaduna today, has said that, due to the proactive measures against corruption taken by the president, he had become the enemy of so many Big men” who might kill him before end of his tenure.

According to him, 95 percent of the top government officials who have been arrested due to corruption charges, are highly placed and rich individuals in the society and they might gang up against the president.

The Borno-based pastor said, ”President Buhari right now has thousands of enemies because he came out with full force to fight corruption in this country.  He started arresting people that are involved in the armed deals including former  National Security Adviser and some top government officials and politicians across the country.

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”Some of these people that I  gathered  have  returned the looted money and  all those involved in the arms deal are not happy and so they will like President Buhari to be out of the office either by killing him or otherwise.” He hinted.

Dikwa also urges President Buhari to extend the fight against corruption to religious bodies in the country, stressing, “So far, we are aware of the massive funds shared to religious bodies before 2015 elections in the country and nothing was done about it.

He applauded the president and urged him to keep fighting corruption in the country.