The conservative party claimed that Jesus Christ would not have approved the Archbishop Emeritus' support for assisted suicide for the terminally ill.

From information gathered, the CDP leader Theunis Botha,in response to Tutu was quoted saying “In his desire to be in the limelight it would appear that he [Tutu] has become a friend of the enemy instead of a friend of God.

“It is our opinion that should Jesus Christ have been on the Earth today, He would have greeted him with the same disdain that He treated the Pharisees of His day by calling him a ‘hypocrite’, ‘whited sepulcher’ and ‘a son of Satan’.”

“To his support for abortion and same-sex marriage, Bishop Tutu now adds euthanasia (suicide) to the list of things he supports that are totally contrary to the word of God,” said Botha.

Tutu had earlier written an opinion piece on assisted dying, published in the British Observer newspaper on Saturday ahead of a House of Lords debate on the issue to be held on Friday.

There has been no reply from the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation.

In his article, Tutu said he realized that he did not want his own life to be artificially prolonged as he had worked to secure dignity for the living. He also stated that his these were his own beliefs and not those of his church.

“I think when you need machines to help you breathe, then you have to ask questions about the quality of life being experienced and about the way money is being spent. This may be hard for some people to consider.”

“Now I wish to apply my mind to the issue of dignity for the dying.” He said.