Terrorism has been condemned by an Imam of the Maltese Muslim community in Europe.

According to Mohammed Elsadi, terrorist attacks are against the Islamic teachings, as the religion is of peace, not violence, Malatatoday reports.

“The Muslim community affirms that the terrorists are first and foremost the enemy of Islam and Muslims because they abuse the Muslim faith, tarnish the true image of Islam, destruct the reputation of Muslims all over the world and endanger the Muslim existence everywhere,” he said.

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Reacting to the recent killing of a 86-year-old Catholic priest by ISIS soldiers in France, he said the community were upset with the news.

“Muslim Community in Malta received with shock, sorrow and grave concern the horrible news of the recent series of terroristic acts committed  in several  countries especially in France, Germany and the United States and the last heinous coward crime of killing the French priest Fr. , he said.

The Imam called on everyone to fight religious violence, as “terror has no religion and no borders. It has no justification and it doesn’t serve any just cause.

While the Muslim community affirms that ISIS and other terrorists are the common enemies of humanity and they target Muslims and non-Muslims, it believes that those who exercise hatred and intolerance towards peaceful Muslims because of terrorism are doing injustice to themselves and to the Muslims who are themselves victims of terrorism. Those who hurt innocent Muslims because of terrorism are playing into the hands of terrorists and contribute in materializing their wicked goals to create chaos and instability in the world and cause conflicts and wars among religions and nations", he added.

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