There are several factors blamed for

Those who brought partnerships, investments, offers and gave invitations, how was it that they were not read, not studied, on what they offered against what they have done for themselves, as well as terms, behavior, loyalty, sense of collectiveness, etc.?

Yes, the government could have had – local – expert psychologists do this for them, or could have had psychology as a major arm of government work – but nothing.

Also, in the academe, there was no effort to do some of these major studies that could have shaped the future, with smartanalysis of past projects, history of stuff and the new patterns, to be able to adumbrate against likely results.

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Words to live by!
Words to live by!

Between advanced countries and those rapidly advancing, there is a battle of psychology. They are constantly studying each other’s motivation, intentions, actions, and approach, to have understanding for their own advantage.

Though, some went further with espionage, in another turn, towards higher understanding in to course of action.

But mostly, there is the summation of everything, courage, depth, knowledge, loyalty, etc. That is sought, to see what strengths and weaknesses exist. Most times, change and development are motivated by counter psychology.

The Wars of Psychology

There is too much of life and actions that are dependent on several factors of psychology: the mind, mood, memory, happiness, excitement, sadness, frustration, fear, desperation, relationships, etc.

There are moves made against the psyche of the other party. Sometimes, policies are also used. A party may not engage in certain activities, overtly or covertly, but others may try to push them to do so, as a trap, or in bid to divide or embarrass them.

Some of the most successful countries from the West, to Asia, and the Pacific are superpowers of psychology. Most corporations also run with this, towards competitors’ products, services, marketing and expansion.

Psychology, just as it is used on the world’s biggest stages is also used in small stages. It is used between individuals and it is also used by critics.

Most times, critics deploy large amounts of psychology to attack, but good works by those they attack are often more weighty.

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Lord Mayor  of Nottingham with RCCG CRA
Lord Mayor  of Nottingham with RCCG CRA

The Success of RCCG

In their rules and as part of their Faith, credit or glory does not go to man. However, the Church is a giant, massive, consequential and collective success under the leadership of their lead Pastor, Adeboye.

The Church is in several countries. The Church has a magnetic field towards services of worship. As stated in the Scriptures, Christ is the head of the Church.

The Church is obviously envied. The love of GOD in the Church is conspicuous by some of the selflessness of service that many do in the Church.

Yes, like the military, there are rogue soldiers, or members, or whatever, but the organization and its essentiality stands firm.

The Church has conquered hearts, places, and cities for the Lord. The Church is creative, innovative and they love the Lord.

But haters have gathered; blamers, liars and those who have nothing to offer to life than to create confusion.

However, their act continues to wear out. They have tried everything, but have only found that the Church is bigger than the lead Pastor, and does not belong to him, so they have nothing else than to squirm in their confusion – thinking why their criticisms refused to stick.

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Daddy Freeze hates RCCG

Daddy freeze hates RCCG, their pastor and everything about the Church. There is nothing that makes him relevant other than to seek old videos of the lead Pastor, to present on social media for his sewer comments.

The gospel of Jesus is strictly for salvation – or change of heart. Just like education guarantees knowledge, though great job and prosperity may follow, and just like food is for energy, but more body-weight may follow, in the same way Christianity has many other blessings but the main course is salvation – or say righteousness.

There is so much about Nigeria that affects the country and its citizens – at home or wherever else. Blaming the Church for poverty, or underdevelopment, or whatever else is false and wrong.

Income, purchasing power of what is possessed and the conditions of living are responsible for poverty in Nigeria. Not the Church. Whatever RCCG or their Pastor does is an internal matter of Faith, or policy, or doctrine, or ministration. It is inconsequential to how Nigeria can develop, or what any sensible individual of value should be riled about.

Daddy freeze against freedom of Christianity is equivalent to being against freedom of expression – apparent in his incompetence to engage in fair and balanced debate, just to hate and claim to always be right.

His hate cannot win. He has remained on the fringes, and has not said anything valuable, for Nigeria, for the Church or for anything useful.

He whines. He screams. He promotes food. He interviews losers who also seek to destroy the Church. But they and all their efforts are toxic wastes.

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You are a conqueror in Christ Jesus!
You are a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

If the Church requires certain trainings for certain roles, it is expected that going into it, is voluntary, and can quit anytime – if not interested. Attending and speaking publicly, about it to probably lie or embarrass the Church shows being disgruntled and having no value.

Genuine Christianity is rife with symbolisms of Faith. The continuity of the Lord’s Supper is symbolic of His Body and His Blood.

In their services whenever Adeboye, the Pastor, prays on handkerchiefs or on combs or whatever else, it is symbolic of combined faith for prayers when necessary. There is nothing outside of the bounds of true Christianity in those. You believe or you don’t.

Daddy freeze accused him of sorcery. There is no sorcery in the world that can pass power across a crowd without contact. Such is far beyond dark powers.

There have been true testimonies from many about the Power of GOD from those materials that weren’t psychically touched. The Church and the Pastor are true to GOD.

Daddy freeze and all those who support him on social media or supply him with information have failed. They know, but only trying to stay relevant – to their irrelevant life purpose.

The Church is voluntary, and a personal decision for acceptance. It can be like a social activity and can be for Faith, Hope or Worship – in Spirit and in Truth.

RCCG family should always remember, “Romans 8:37, Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”

By Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie