10 things about Muslims people should really know

Here are some things about Muslims people should really know

A young Muslim boy praying

With all the media bias and misinformation taking precedence over the haqq (truth), Here is a short list put together for others to dig deep on what comes very natural to many Muslims around the world.

1. Men and women have to purify after going to the bathroom

Have you ever seen someone walking toward the rest room with a empty water bottle and said to yourself, “Eww, that person is going to drink water in that bathroom?”. Chances are they probably weren’t refilling to get a drink and more than likely are going to “wash up” after they go to the bathroom. Why? As Muslims, we are required to be pure and clean for prayer. Keep in mind we pray five times a day. You are praying in front of Allah, so isn’t it only right that every part of your mind, body, and soul be purified? EvidenceTaharah (Purification)

2. We believe in Jesus..yes and Moses too.Contrary to popular belief, Muslims believe in Isa (Jesus). As a matter of fact you cannot be a true believing Muslim if you don’t believe in Jesus as a prophet of Allah (SWT). He is one of the most well respected prophets and is mentioned many times in the Quran. As Muslims, we believe he is a prophet, just like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was responsible for delivering the word of God via the Quran, Isa delivered the word of God via the Injeel. (the original Bible)EvidenceMuslims Hate Jesus (a misconception)

3. There is no Islamic ruling that allows you to beat the living sunshine out of your wifeContrary to “ignorant” belief, you cannot beat your wife or any other women you know. The first thing that usually comes out of someone’s mouth is “What about Surah 4.34? It says you can beat your wife?”. No, you must have beat your head against a wall too many times. Unfortunately, you misinterpreted the verse.EvidenceOn Beating One’s Wife

4. Men and women must lower their gaze.As a Muslim (especially men) you are not allowed to look another women up and down unless she is your wife. Same goes for women. You can look at your husband, but not other men. it’s not easy because many women and men are half-naked anyway, but you do your best. EvidenceHadith of the Guarantee by Abdur Rahman

5. Most forms of Music is prohibitedThis is a highly contentious topic, even among Muslims. This topic is too deep for me to elaborate in several sentences but for the sake of time, I’ll provide several links that will give you food for thought. As a person who adored hip hop like a first son, this is not an easy task for me. Over the years it’s become easier for me to let go, and I can spend time on more important matters.EvidenceIs Music Haram (prohibited) by Dr Zakir NaikMusic in Islam prt1 by Yusef EstesMusic in Islam by Yusef Estes prt2.

6. Most Muslims are NOT of Arab descentWe have Muslims everywhere in the world, not all Muslims are Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslims. TEvidenceList of countries by Muslim population

7. We are not interested in interest.For Muslims, participating in making money off of money is completely prohibited. It’s actually a grave sin. For sake of this brief post, I’m not going to get into all the details but adding on money on top of already existing loan is akin to theivery in Islam. Profit is okay, but not from interest (Ribaa). In most forms of business, all transactions have to have a shared profit. Why? The risk is balanced on each person who is taking part in a business transaction. Handling business in this manner protects both business partners.EvidencePart I and Part II of The Case Against Interest By Abu Ubaydah Andrew Booso.

8. Jihad and Allah u Akbar does not mean I want to KILL youUh oh, did someone say the word “Jihad” and “Allah u Akbar”? Unfortunately the media has miscontrued the true meaning of the word “Jihad” and “Allah U Akbar” and most people have associated it with some type of code word for Islamic terrorism. Jihad is the Arabic word for struggle. A good Muslim friend of mine has the name Jihad. For Muslims, Jihad is to struggle to do the just and righteous things for the sake of Allah. This dedication to do what is required of you as a Muslim is our Jihad. Allah u Akbar means God is Great. Not “Let’s kill people” or “lets blow ourselves up”. During any 1 of our 5 daily prayes, “Allah U Akbar” is mentioned at least a dozen times. It’s very common word in Islam and merely reinforcing the greatness and beauty of Allah.EvidenceVIDEO: Islam and Terrorism | What is Jihad? by Brian Handwerk

9. We get up before the roosters.As I said earlier Muslims pray 5 times a day. One of the prayers is known as the morning prayer, Fajr. Fajr is supposed to be prayed before the light of sunrise hits the sky. I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest prayer to catch, but when you do, the feeling is amazing. My day actually starts off better when ever I make Fajr on time. Evidence: VIDEO: Importance of Fajr Prayer. This video is pretty long, but here is a shorter description that explains the Fajr prayer.

10. Sharia Law Does Not Mean “Get Rid of Non-Muslims, Chop Peoples Arms off or Enslave non-muslims”.I’ve specifically added this new addition to this list because I keep hearing the “alarm bell” go off in this country from certain groups who believe that Sharia Law is the Islamic version of Mein Kampf or it some fringe set of laws that only the likes of religious extremist love. No. No. No. No.


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