Talk about having faith as little as a mustard seed!

The baby boy has been called a miracle by doctors who saw his mother through the birthing process.

While Mrs. Wolman was pregnant with baby Renner, she was told by doctors that her son had very little chance of surviving at birth and advised to terminate the pregnancy.

But the mother of two wouldn't give up on her baby boy.

According to Christian Post, Renner was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Hydrops which caused his body to swell up with fluid.

Doctors informed the woman that she will most likely have a stillborn baby. But, she never gave up on her baby and sang to him every night.

At 35 weeks, Renner was born and took his first breath, his parents were in tears of joy!

After the birth of baby Renner, almost everything went wrong with him medically. His kidneys failed and he was put on a ventilator but despite all, he survived.

When he was almost close to death, his mum kept rocking him till he fought through it .

According to the doctors, Renner is "not a medical miracle, but a real miracle". He had been touched by the hand of grace!, his excited parents said.