During a midweek service on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, attended by Pulse Religion, Pastor Adefarasin delivered a sermon titled ‘Abraham’s Blessings Are Already Upon My Life’. The central Bible passages for the sermon were Hebrews 6:13–14; and Genesis 12: 1–3.

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Thirty minutes into his sermon, the popular man of God started to talk mainly about the principle of tithing.

“Tithe is a way to show that God is the supplier of your resources. God blesses and I respond with my 10%. It is an honour system, it means the money is not your God. You won’t be cursed if you don’t tithe but when you tithe you are saying you recognise Him and it keeps the cycle moving,” said Paul Adefarasin.

This statement is based on Hebrews 7:5–8. He used the part of the Scripture to explain why it is important to pay tithe to ordained Men of God while noting that this payment is not compulsory, as it will not stop anyone from enjoying God’s blessings.

“He did not make everyone a preacher, Don’t let anyone tell you to take your tithe to charities, elsewhere.” he further said as he used Ephesians 4:11–14 as a reference.

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Further, into the sermon, Pastor Paul Adefarasin spoke about people attacking the church.

In his words, “A guy can not just show up and say he is an overseer. He can’t. Overseer from where? Who is your father? Who ordained you? Where are you coming from? John Doe can not get up and say he is a pastor, there must be evidence of righteousness in his life.”

The pastor continued by saying, “Anyone that attacks the body of Christ is not a Man of God. You can’t attack the church and call yourself a Man of God. We have to have decency and order in the Body of Christ. Paul said, Let everything be done decently and in order.”

“If I have an issue with Pastor Adeboye, my responsibility, be in Christ as he is, is to go to Him. Especially because of the weight of his influence in the Body of Christ, Otherwise I am dividing the Body of Christ. Paul tells us to mark those that cause divisions in the body of Christ.”

“If your teaching veils Christ and doesn’t bring Him forth, then there is something wrong with you.”

At this point of the service, the congregation clapped and cheered heavily.

Recently, the issue of tithing and Paul Adefarasin has been in the news. Controversial media personality Freeze called out the House on the Rock Church leader for sneaking him into a sermon on October 16, 2017.

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This was followed by another post on October 29th by Freeze about angry congregants allegedly walking out because of a sermon about tithing.

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The recent arguments and controversy surrounding tithing have been led by Freeze who is against the popular Christian practice.

Ending his mid-week sermon, Pastor Adefarasin said that pastors must not respond with harsh words, “but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.” (2 Timothy 2:24) The sermon lasted for over an hour.