Daddy Freeze says Jesus real name is NOT what you think it is!

The On-Air Personality and convenor of the free the sheeple movement recently shared this controversial 'truth' in the Youtube video above titled; 'His Name Is NOT Jesus And This Isn't His Picture!'

In the clip, the religious critic argues that there is no way the Son of God could have been called 'Jesus' because the letter 'J' did not exist during his lifetime.

He says, "Do you guys know that the letter 'J' was not invented until 1600?" There was no letter 'J' until 1600."

Freeze then asks, "If the letter 'J' wasn't invented until 1600, how did Jesus get his name 2018 years ago? How come Jesus had his name 1600 years before the letter 'J' was invented?"

He goes on to declare that the religion has been adulterated by manipulators, explaining that this is why Christians are using the wrong name for Jesus."The answer is simple. Instead of Christianity influencing the world, the world influenced Christianity," he states.

Citing James 1:27, the controversial personality asks, "Why are we now allowing the world to corrupt us? Why do we give Jesus a name that isn't his name?"

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What is Jesus' real name?

According to Daddy Freeze, the correct name for God's son is 'Yeshua."

In his words, "99% of what your Pastors and GOs taught you is false! How can his name be 'Jesus' when the letter 'j' was not part of the English language until 1634? Here is a copy of the original translation of the King James Bible completed in 1611. How can his name be Jesus when the Hebrew alphabet doesn't have a 'j' sounding letter?"

"…Be careful of what name you call… The name 'Jesus' was invented, Yahweh had a son called Yeshua, which means salvation! the name Jesus has no meaning, it's an invention! Yeshua is our Saviour, while 'Jesus' was invented by manipulators, who aligned his birthday with Nimrod's and the pagan 'solstice of the sun'. Yeshua said you can only worship him in truth and in spirit (John4), if you don't know the truth, you end up worshiping a pagan invention."

He backs his point with Matthew 1:23, Hebrews 4:8, Chapter 7:14 and John 4:22.

Faced with questions from a critic,  Freeze responded with arguments for his statements. He also called the person "Nimród…… The pagan king….."

Watch the entire video to hear all his points.

Who is Daddy Freeze?

The controversial OAP is the leader of the Free Nation in Christ Online Church aka free the sheeple. He recently unveiled the official logo for his church.

Pulse talks to daddy Freeze about his online church
Pulse talks to daddy Freeze about his online church

Recently, his church held its first outreach program in . It was done without the physical presence of their convenor - Freeze, who handled things from Nigeria.

His entry into the religious sphere can be traced to 2016 when he criticised Bishop.