Google introduces 'Perspective' feature to aid fact-checking in search results

March 29th 2023, 2:30:50 pm

Google has announced the introduction of a new feature, Perspective.

Google introduces 'Perspective' feature to aid fact-checking in search results (Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In a blog post, Google recently said “This carousel will appear below Top Stories and showcase insights from a range of journalists, experts, and other relevant voices on the topic you’re searching for.

“This feature will give you a variety of noteworthy voices on a news topic, complementing the trustworthy reporting you already find on Search to help broaden your understanding.

Perspectives will come with four other different features people could see on the carousel which include:


When users input any keyword for a search, three dots will appear next to the results that will come up. When the dots are clicked, a window will pop up showing more information to the user about the information they are seeing.

This feature will be available in all languages.

The feature would allow users to gain a deeper understanding and have more information about the author of any information they seek.

When users tap on the three dots, they will be able to see more information about the background and experience of the voices surfaced on Google Search. This feature will be launched globally on Search results in English and on the Google Perspectives carousel in the U.S. in English.

The three dots next to a result reveals more information about the source and topic of a particular page being searched.

Users are now able to receive all relevant information about a page like how the website describes itself, what other visitors on the web have said about a site and any recent coverage of it.

This can guide a user to either visit, follow up on the page or stop searching. This feature is now available globally in English.

The new feature has also been equipped to swiftly address information gaps. For instance, when a topic is rapidly evolving, Google Search will automatically show content advisories in such situations.

The search giant also mentioned it has a similar feature which triggers when the systems don’t have high confidence in the overall quality of the results available.

This advisory feature which provides context about the whole set of results on the page will be expanding for quality information gaps to new languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese in the coming months.


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