Believe it or not, music all over the world has always been rooted in crime for ages, but this fact is obviously better acknowledged when there are no pointed fingers.

Since Falz The Bahd Guy came out to express his views on musicians glorifying crime, mostly fraud, during an interview with Hip TV, there has been controversy sweeping through the Nigerian social media.

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Since he may or may not have been referring to 9ice and one of his hit songs, "Living things", 9ice felt the need to not only set the record straight but encourage his younger colleague in the music industry to join the league of whistleblowers.

Following the controversy stirred up by Falz statements, Ynaija reports that the "Gongo aso" singer asked him to report the case to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) if he could prove that he had been hailing fraudsters with his lyrics.

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Meanwhile, Nigerians were quick to drag Falz for his comments, accusing him of being myopic because of his privileged upbringing.