Be Brave & Adventurous 7 places you should have sex at some point

Sex isn't meant to always happen in the bedroom, in fact bedroom sex is for the lazy, get out there and live dangerously.

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Stop being boring and take your sex out of the bedroom, but take it away from the kitchen due to risk of serious injury, I’m talking misplaced knives, pepper on the private part. Just a lot of complication in that, it might not be a savoury experience.

If you’ve had sex in these places then you my friend are a winner, if not. Make this list with your partner and cross it off one after the other. You’ll win in so many ways, first way, it’ll make your relationship better, you’ll have stories to reminisce on, especially if you get caught. Your bad boy/girl ratings will shoot through the roof. So, its essentially a win win situation.

Okay, so let’s dive into the places you need to have sex at least once at some point of your life.

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1. On the couch

Not the kind of place you were thinking would be number 1 right? I know that, but we’re trying to make a lot of people happy, think of it this way. Every guy can score a point here if they’ve done it before. If you’re never had sex on a couch, you’re strange right now? Why not! Do it today, it’s easy unless you don’t have a couch.

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2. At a hotel

Still the bar is low here and I understand that, the kick out of this is simple. You can pretend to be someone else and what’s the best advantage to this? You don’t have to clean up or anything. Cleaning up sometimes discourages sex, but in a hotel, you can leave the cleaning of the room out, someone else is paid to do that shit.

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3. Underneath/On stairs

This is going a notch higher because it involves a certain kind of risk involved the risk of getting caught by your neighbors, and labelled sex freak. In Nigeria, this is a thrill, the risk of getting caught makes it even more interesting. Imagine, in a doggy position, you’re looking around to avoid getting caught, and still having sex.

Let’s hope you can keep your erection going enough for a penetration. You should definitely try it. You can do it at night or wait till everyone isn’t home.

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4. At an event

This one you have to do, for the sake of being spontaneous. Try to keep this on a list of To-do’s. Sometimes, as men, we’re distracted only for us to get to party and the mind is clear as day, then you realise how much her boobs are popping right now, or there is a fantastic way the dress makes her ass big. How about finding the bathroom together or a deserted place and getting your freak on, right there.

You don’t have to wait till you get home before doing it, It’ll be more memorable this way.

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5. In the car

As a Nigerian, if you can get over the superstition that having sex inside the car can lead to the engine of the car knocking then it’s all yours to achieve. Get some action in a car, hopefully stationary and not moving is exciting. The fact that you can tear at each other and end up with your organs tucked into each other in the uncomfortable for sex automobile has to be on the list of places to have sex.

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6. Sex infront of a mirror

While this might sound like something Cristiano Ronaldo does, you should try it too. It is an egotistical thing to do but this can allow you to see what you look like during sex which can be a big turn on for you. Watching yourself have sex is even better than you recording yourself and it getting leaked, now the whole world finding out you’ve got a weak dick game.

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7. On a plane

This is the one almost everyone wants to do even celebrities want to do it. It is called the Mile High Club, and who wouldn’t want to join. That pleasure has been reserved for a just a handful of people. Having sex in the air takes sex to the clouds quite literally but it is seriously frowned upon, but then again since when has something wrong stopped people from doing it.

Imagine being able to successfully do it like J-Lo did, you and your partner would never forget in a very long time and would even tell people without them asking you.

Here are some bonus places where you should have sex.

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At your friend’s place

You probably should do it, just for a change of scenery. You’ve got an array of options of how to do it. It could be when you’re sleeping over, or he/she went out quickly to get something or you could go their bathroom together. Let your inner freak flag fly in your friend’s house. You should consider their couch too.

Your parent’s house

Depending on how your parents are, but for Nigerians, having sex in your parent’s house might not come to my mind especially when you remember your childhood, and how much they scared you away from sex. How about some sweet sex in their house but make sure they don’t catch you. Do it in the closet of when they’re asleep or something. Be respectful!

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Eko Hotel Restroom

Why not! During OLIC or any other show they do at that Eko Hotel, you can just run there and get your groove on. No need to pay for the room there, just use the always clean restroom.

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At the Beach

While I’m not a fan of sex at the beach because of the obvious sand situation, you can try it with a chair. Let the lady straddle you on the chair, make the sure the chair isn’t the plastic way, look for one to support your weight.

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Mega plaza car park

You have done it before? You sly dog! Make sure it’s one of those clubbing nights, and not the ground floor of the parking or towards the end of that lot. Go ahead, have fun, just come and tell me the stories. I would love to hear your victory stories.

For the crazy minded people, you should try club bathrooms, Quilox, SIP, Vegas or which ever. Take your pick! I just want to hear the stories like I said previously.

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