Our Man Crush today is fashion designer, Papa Oyeyemi.

Babatunde "Papa" Oyeyemi is the founder of Maxivive Group, a Nigerian alternative menswear brand. Maxivive Group of Fashion brands houses Mxvv the sports luxe extension of Maxivive, Bodun a limited edition, subsidized streetwear brand and more recently, PAL, a new addition to logo-mania streetwear/sport aesthetic.

Passionate about inventing new things, Papa started his brand when he was only 15. Over the last 11 years, he has grown the brand to be known for advancing unconventional, androgynous fashion and for its flamboyant, yet minimalist pieces.

Fashion designer Papa Oyeyemi [Instagram/papaoyeyemi]

Vogue describes his label as having a "reputation for polarizing the Nigerian fashion community, pushing an idea of minimalism and androgyny that turns traditional menswear tropes upside down and inside out."

The 26-year-old says he is inspired by physical and emotional entities and believes a lot in experimenting. Over the last few years, he has remained relevant and has been recognised as a game-changer for the menswear fashion scene.

Bella Naija
Our MCM Papa Oyeyemi [Bella Naija]

He has showcased at the Lagos Fashion Week and South African Men's Week. He was nominated for the Future Awards Prize for Fashion and won the Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Fashion at the #SoundcityMVP awards in January 2019.

His tenacity and zeal to create fashion that doesn't conform is why he's our #MCM today!