Making a smoothie could feel like rocket science, especially when you want nutritious, tasty and efficient drinks.

Here are five top smoothie hacks for becoming a verified smoothie operator.

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1. Start using an ice cube tray for milk

Quick one: Ice always waters your smoothie down.

Rather than adding ice to your smoothies, freeze the liquid you’d use for smoothies, like Soymilk, Coconutmilk or Cashew milk.

When you’re ready to blend, simply halve the amount of liquid you’d use, then pop in a few “milk cubes” to add flavour and to give your smoothie a nice frosty texture.

2. Make smoothie freezer packs

Bag everything up in smoothie batches for efficiency!

You can make a month’s worth of smoothies in an hour. 3-Ingredient Smoothie Freezer Packs are also a great way to make smoothies quick and painless.

3. Blend fruits about to go bad

Have a banana that’s about to go bad and you won’t have a chance to use? Put it in a smoothie to add fibre and minimize kitchen waste.

Browning bananas? Throw them into the blender with your greens and soymilk, or pop them in the freezer for a great smoothie thickener later.

4. Don’t forget the veggies

Add flavour and nutrients without as much sugar (or as many calories) by experimenting with veggie smoothies. You can even use frozen vegetables or simply add some greens, carrot juice or bell peppers to a fruit smoothie.

5. Make smoothie pops

Use fruits and vegetables of your choice to make a satisfying and nutritious treat for sunny days. Or for when you don’t feel like making a smoothie from scratch.