Not everyone ends up working in an environment that requires you to dress corporate or wear suit all day of the week. Some people work in organizations where you can wear sneakers to work all day of the week. If you work in one of such offices, where they basically seek to keep it professional but also easy, effortless and natural, then this style guide is completely for you.

1. Black and white Monday

Monday has this can-do spirit that comes with it. So let your outfit experience such spirit. You can pair a black skirt with a white tee or black pants with a white shirt.

Work outfits ideas [Instagram: tt tanyia]
Work outfits ideas [Instagram: tt tanyia]

2. Wear skirts on Tuesday

On Tuesday, you can go a little bit laid back. Skirts gives you the opportunity always be creative, so you can easily play around with them. You can either throw a sleeveless blazer over your skirt or rock them with just a fitted top. Wear heels over them and you are good to go!

3. Wednesdays are for prints

You can never go wrong with floral prints. Flowers carry a happy connotation. It just feels good to wear floral. It also accentuates your body shape.

4. Denim Thursday

Thursdays make everyone happy because it means that the weekend is almost here and it is only right to just dress the part. Denims are very good ideas to wear to work, match them with a pair of loafers or sneakers.

5. Ankara Friday

Friday, for some reasons, is the most laid back day of the working week. Meaning you can dress as laid back as you want. Check your closet for an Ankara outfit and you are good to go. You can pair them with either sneakers or flats o even some heels, whatever your moods dictates.

Ankara outfits for work [Instagram: fisvyo]
Ankara outfits for work [Instagram: fisvyo]