It really is annoying when we get a pair of heels and we "take them to town" for the first time and these new babies end up non-functional. Like at a point we realize we just can't seem to walk right in them anymore. Oh my, that sucks.

Before buying new pairs of heels let's always consider these factors:

The Stiletto width.

Another huge factor in the comfort of a shoe is the size of the stiletto. Check the heel from the bottom, how much of it is touching the ground? The more the better. If the tip of the heel is the size of a pencil eraser, it will be pretty tough to walk in.

That’s what makes a wedge most time the most extremely comfortable heel out there.

The Shoe material.

Truth be told, a higher quality shoe is usually way more comfortable! Shoes made out of natural and real leather-that good brands often use- are much more comfortable than man-made materials, which is why one should try as much as possible to buy from brands with higher craftsmanship.

The Angle of foot.

Most people think that heel height makes the biggest difference in comfort, this is not entirely true, even more important is the angle of your foot. If your heel is 5 inches high with no platform, you feel like you are essentially walking on your toes, which is definitely uncomfortable.

If your heel is 5 inches, and the platform is 3 inches, for instance your foot will only be at a 2 inch angle, which makes a huge difference! The lower the angle of foot, the better/more comfortable you feel.

Padding Works.

Using extra padding or gel inserts works well if you have troubles with your heels. By all means give it a try!

Choose Your Correct size.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we've all been tempted to buy a shoe that was the right price, the right style... but not quite the right size. If your shoe is too big or too small, you will likely never be comfortable in that shoe, so just pass on it.